Stryker CD4 Drill

Stryker CD4 Drill

Developed specifically for Sports Med and Ortho Trauma, this system produces the dependable power you require, along with the long-lasting reliability of Stryker SmartLiFE™ Li-Ion Batteries.

The cordless design of CD4™ and SABO2 Sagittal Saw allows for maximum mobility in the sterile field. Both are engineered to be lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable control.

Leveraging over 30 years of surgical battery power tool innovation, we’ve designed this platform for exceptional performance, reliability, ease of use and efficiency, simplifying your ability to deliver positive outcomes – with total confidence.


  • The CD4 POWEReam Technology option delivers more torque, allowing a single handpiece to complete the
    most challenging Sports Med and Ortho Trauma reaming procedures.
  • The integrated handpiece microprocessor continually regulates power output, providing you with
    consistent reliability and peace of mind.
  • SABO2 Sagittal Saw has a 32% increase in run time versus a handpiece with sag saw attachment.


  • Maximise operating room uptime and eliminate the guesswork of scheduling maintenance by activating
    SORN Remote Device Management, allowing you to seamlessly maintain your power tool inventory for
    peak performance.
  • Stryker SmartLiFE Li-Ion Batteries provide longer-lasting, more reliable power tool performance.
  • All handpieces must pass our 100-point Quality Check inspection, which ensures maximum reliability.

Ease of Use

  • The cordless design of CD4 and SABO2 allows for maximum mobility in the sterile field.
  • CD4 and SABO2 are engineered to be lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable control.
  • CD4 quick-connect attachments streamline your ability to cut, ream, drill and pin, creating efficiencies
    in the OR.
  • SABO2 sagittal head is 40% closer* to the surgeon’s hand for enhanced control and maneuverability.


  • Stryker SmartLiFE Li-Ion batteries power the CD4, SABO2 and System 7 handpieces – reducing
    inventory and streamlining OR setup.
  • Backwards compatibility with Cordless Driver attachments, cutting accessories and System 6 batteries,
    helping to reduce inventory and replacement costs.

POWEReam Technology


  • CD4 with POWEReam Technology is ergonomically designed for balance and
    comfortable control
  • Delivers 93% more torque
  • Re-engineered handpiece designed for reaming in high-torque applications
  • Lithium Ion battery technology allows for longer-lasting and consistent power throughout the case


  • One handpiece solution for Sports Med and Ortho Trauma reaming applications
  • Quick-connect design is easy to use and reduces set-up time