Power T Handle

Power T Handle

The Power T Handle is the first solution to seamlessly integrate power with surgical instruments providing the desired speed and necessary control with the tactile feedback required for good clinical outcomes.

The Power T Handle potentially saves valuable resources by increasing surgical efficiency and reducing surgeon fatigue while preserving the feel and precision required in spine, orthopedic and other surgical procedures.


The Power T Handle is a battery-powered device intended for using during surgical procedures to provide power to operate various orthopedic accessories or attachments. The Power T Handle is also intended for use as a non-powered hand-held device for manual use with orthopedic instruments including screwdrivers.


  • Sterile Packaged Device
  • Single Use, Disposable, No Reprocessing
  • Batteries are Disposable
  • Store at 10 degrees C to 40 degrees C with relative humidity between 30% to 65% (non-condensing)